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We teach drama and acting lessons to a wide range of students at Actorcraft, based in the local area. Our lessons provide you with the experience and knowledge to develop a range of performance skills including acting, dancing and singing. You will gain practical experience and most importantly, confidence, that will enable you to reach your goals and aspirations. If you'd like to extend the depth of your acting abilities, get in touch with us through our booking form

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We are a small, independent school that offers high-quality acting classes for children, young people and adults. We use our expert training to provide first-rate teaching and support the local talent we find so wonderful. Each individual that joins us will be taught in a style that focuses on their unique, inherent talents. Our classes inspire, stimulate and help you to grow as a person.

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Our team is professionally trained and, of course, are checked and approved to give you peace of mind. Improving confidence and self-esteem with our students is our top priority as we believe this brings real talent to the fore. You won’t find the passion and drive our team creates in our classes anywhere else. The value will speak for itself.

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